Restoration Services

Water Restoration

With over 17 years in the restoration industry, the water remediation specialists at Sears Restoration can help reduce the stress of damage with our prompt arrival and proven water restoration methods needed to prevent even further damage from occurring to your home or business. Our goal is to restore both your property and peace of mind through timely mitigation and adherence to IICRC standards.

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Fire & Smoke Restoration

The talented team at Sears Restoration are available 24/7, day or night, to help you with the cleanup and restoration process after a fire. Water and smoke damage typically go hand in hand with a fire, so with our complete restoration services, we can provide all of the services and equipment needed to do a complete and thorough job.

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Mold Removal

If you’ve found mold in your property, or think you may need mold remediation services, whether the mold is in your basement, attic, or crawl space, call the mold removal experts at Sears Restoration. We’ll provide you with the complete mold removal and cleanup services that your property needs.

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Sewage Removal

Any kind of sewage in a home or commercial property is never a good thing. Sewage damage can utterly destroy carpets, cabinets, furniture, flooring, walls, and much more; but that’s just the beginning. If sewage damage is left untreated, it can create a moist and humid environment that toxic mold loves to grow in. Don’t put off sewage damage removal and cleanup, or it will develop into a bigger, and much more expensive problem to fix.

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Odor Control

Many things can lead to unpleasant smells lingering around, and surprisingly, it has nothing to do with how often you clean. Once an odor has penetrated deep down, past the point where normal cleaning cannot reach it, that horrid smell will hang in the air. In some cases those smells can actually make the air very unhealthy and hazardous to breathe. If you’ve noticed odors in your home or business that seem to linger and not go away, it’s time to give the professionals a call to take care of them.

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Rebuild / Remodel

Once a disaster has passed, the problem has been addressed, and the damage is cleaned up, you need someone who is reliable and can get your residential or commercial property back to its original condition. Sears Restoration offers rebuild and remodeling services to our customers so they get their home or business back to pre-disaster condition.

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Day Or Night Emergency Cleanup